Religious Education


The Religious Education Program
The Religious Education Program operates for 24 weeks during the school year for students in grades 1-8 on Sunday mornings after the 9:00AM Mass. Adult volunteers are needed to teach. Training  is provided. Advanced training and certification is not required but is offered through the Southern Region Office of Faith Formation.

First Sacraments
Preparation for these sacraments involves both parents and children. Although sacramental guidelines prefer readiness over age to determine celebration, generally children prepare for sacraments during second grade, with Penance in the Fall and Eucharist in the Spring.

Preparation takes place during ninth and tenth grade. During this process  CL-1students meet on Monday evenings for class sessions. CL-2 students meet on Sundays. Confirmation is celebrated in the Fall of Tenth grade. Sponsor and candidate activities, parent meetings, liturgies and retreats enhance the preparation for the Celebration of Confirmation.

Religious Education Information for 2017

Welcome to another great year of religious education!  There are 4 different types of registration forms with each Sacrament class having their own form.  Please select carefully.  Please remember that if you are taking a Sacrament class you have the option to register at our meeting:

Confirmation II - Monday, August 28th at 7pm St. Anthony's Church Hall.
Confirmation I - Sunday, September 17th at 7pm St. Anthony's Church Hall.
Grade 2 First Penance and First Holy Communion - Sunday, September 17th after 9am mass at the classroom of our TLC office entrance building.

Thank you for all you do at home!  I look forward to working with all of you!
God Bless.


Registration Forms
Religious Education Registration for Grades 1, 3 - 8 (non-sacrament registration)
First Penance and First Holy Communion Registration (2nd graders only)
Confirmation I Registration (Registration form for the Sacrament of Confirmation) (9th graders only)
Confirmation II Registration (10 graders only)

If paying by credit card, please contact the parish office or refer to Online Giving






Contact Danea Hurd at 607-754-4333 ext 308 for questions or to register or email Danea at