Pastor's Note

In this weekend’s Gospel Our Lord Jesus gives us the great commandment of love. He tells us that we should love our neighbor as we love ourselves. He goes on to tell us that we should not judge our brothers and sisters. This is a great challenge for us because we live in the midst of a very judgmental world. So many times we judge others and their intentions. How many times do we want to condemn others based on some experience we have of them in our lives. How many times do we judge our politicians and condemn them because of something that is quoted out of context or some decision that they make. Jesus invites us to not judge so we will not be judged. He invites us to love others as we love ourselves. Let us ask the Lord for the grace to see others through the eyes of love and to not judge or condemn our brothers and sisters.

This week is our secretary Danyell’s last week with us. I would like to thank Danyell for all the hard work and love that she has shared with the People of St. Anthony’s Parish. Her joyful, light-hearted personality will be missed by all of us. She has been a blessing for our parish family and staff and I would like to invite all members of our parish family to ask God’s blessings upon her as she begins a new chapter in her life.


Fr. Jim