Pastor's Note

Fr. Jim


Greetings in Christ to you all!

This weekend we’ll be celebrating First Communions for our second grade religious education students. We had to postpone from our usual time in May because of the coronavirus lockdowns, but now, months later, we’re starting to get back on track. This is always a lovely celebration, and we’re happy to be able to have it at the regular parish Masses.

You’ll notice in this weekend’s readings many references to planting, watering, growing, tending, and cultivating. These find expression the best in the parable of the sower in the Gospel.

I can recall the garden my family had when I was quite young. In addition to all of the usual difficulties in growing vegetables, they also attracted rabbits. I was delighted at the time, as I was much more interested in the possibility of seeing baby rabbits than in picking sugar snap
peas or carrots. But rabbits are an additional hardship if you have a garden. The message for both gardening and the Gospel is clear: there are many things that can make it difficult for the plants to make it to harvest. So much of what we are called to do in our lives, the way we live as Christians, are designed to make that growth possible.

Fr. Ken Kirkman