Parish Visitors and Elderly/ Homebound Ministries

Golden Members/ Homebound Visitors

Volunteers visit and may provide support to those who are unable to leave their homes due to sickness or age limitations. Communion may  also be taken to the homebound.

Hospital Visitors/Nursing Home Visitors

Like Elderly/ and Homebound Visitors, Hospital Visitors and Nursing Home Visitors visit and may take communion to those visited.

Hospital Follow-up

Hospital follow-up volunteers contact those released from the hospital, by phone, to ensure that they are doing  well and to determine if any additional support is needed.

Golden Members/ Homebound Luncheon

Yearly, we bring together those who are elderly and or homebound for lunch and fellowship.

Christmas Gifts to Seniors and Homebound 

Purchase and organize gifts to be distributed to volunteers who will deliver the gifts.

Easter Gifts to the Nursing Home Residents

Purchase and organize gifts to distribute to volunteers who will deliver the gifts