Bereavement Ministries

Bereavement Team

Bereavement team members assist families with funeral planning, and provide support to those who have lost a loved one.  The team also organizes periodic Bereavement Masses and presentations and participates in the All Souls Mass each November. 

Funeral Servers

Funeral Servers assist the celebrant during the Funeral Mass.  As servers in the Funeral Ministry, we are a sign of Christ’s compassionate and healing presence to the bereaved in a celebration that honors the beloved deceased family member.

Funeral Luncheon Ministry

Should the bereaved family desire, St. Anthony’s offers a luncheon which is normally held after the funeral burial.  Ministers prepare and serve the meal and clean up afterward.  There are currently 2 teams who cook and 8 teams that help in the dining room.  New members are always welcome.  We are a comfort to the families we serve by providing and a place for family and friends to give support to the bereaved family while sharing a meal together.

Anyone interested in serving in these ministries should contact the parish office at 607-754-4333 or email