Faith Formation



The Religious Education Program

The Religious Education Program operates for 24 weeks during the school year for students in grades 1-8 on Sunday mornings after the 9:00AM Mass. Adult volunteers are needed to teach. Training  is provided. Advanced training and certification is not required but is offered through the Southern Region Office of Faith Formation.

First Sacraments

Preparation for these sacraments involves both parents and children. Although sacramental guidelines prefer readiness over age to determine celebration, generally children prepare for sacraments during second grade, with Penance in the Fall and Eucharist in the Spring.


Preparation takes place during ninth and tenth grade. During this process  CL-1students meet on Monday evenings for class sessions. CL-2 students meet on Sundays. Confirmation is celebrated in the Fall of Tenth grade. Sponsor and candidate activities, parent meetings, liturgies and retreats enhance the preparation for the Celebration of Confirmation.

For more information or to volunteer in our Religious Education Program contact the St. Anthony parish office at 607-754-4333 or email:




Preparation for marriage in the Catholic Church requires that the engaged couple attend a Pre-Cana program. Pre-Cana is a one day program where a team of married couples speak on various aspects of Christian marriage based on their own marriage. Outlines for talks, as well as feedback from other team members provide guidance for the new team couples. Volunteers also set and clean up for snack periods. Other volunteers prepare a dinner at the end of the experience for the team and the couples in attendance.

Baptismal Prep

Before your child can be baptized, you need to attend a Baptismal Class. You can do this before the birth of your child.  In class we explore your relationship with God and your church and what your spiritual goals are for raising your child in the Catholic faith is small groups. We will discuss the religious significance of each part of the baptismal ceremony and answer any questions you may have regarding the baptism.  We offer the class four times a year.  To register for the class, please call the Parish office at 754-4333.


RCIA is the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. RCIA team members provide weekly instruction to candidates who wish to enter the Catholic Church through the celebration of Baptism  and/or  Confirmation and Eucharist. Candidates are received into the Church at the Easter Vigil. Sponsors for candidates are always needed.

Adult Education
Currently we have a variety of forms of adult education including weekly Bible Study, RCIA, Baptism preparation and Pre-Cana. We also offer Parish retreats and extra opportunities for advancement in the Spiritual Life. Watch the bulletin for announcements of these activities.

For more information about Adult Faith Formation and education opportunities please contact the parish office at 607-754-4333 or email: