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St. Anthony of Padua began in 1917 as a parish of Italian immigrants. While we maintain many of our Italian traditions, we are now an ethnically diverse family, striving to best use the vitality of our youth, the talents of our adults, and the wisdom of our senior members.  We are joined together by the Holy Spirit to praise God, to hear and interpret God's teachings, and to apply them to our everyday livesEmail us.


St. Anthony's History

On September 2, 1913, the Most Rev. John Grimes, Bishop of Syracuse, placed the Rev. Matthew Pellegrini in charge of the Italian parish of Binghamton and Endicott. The first Mass for parishioners of St. Anthony's was celebrated at St. Ambrose Church on September 21, 1913.


As it happened in many Italian Colonies throughout the U.S., the need for an Italian parish on the North Side of Endicott became increasingly evident. Early in the year of 1914, a committee of North side Italians inaugurated the realization of their dreams by taking up a collection for a building fund. Fr. Pellegrini was able to deposit about $400.00 in the Chenango Valley Bank of Binghamton in the name of St. Anthony's Church of Endicott thus giving a name to the church.

The first Church for this parish was located at the corner Odell Avenue and Witherill Street in Endicott. The three lots for the Church were donated by Endicott Johnson Corporation.



In July of 1916, Fr. Rocco Macchiaverna was appointed the first pastor of St. Anthony's Church. The construction of the brick church began the following Spring. Arthur C. Lacey, Binghamton architect, designed the edifice. The building was constructed of brick facing on a steel frame. The original cost was $14,500.00 and the final cost was $22,500.00. There were approximately 350 predominately Italian families when St. Anthony's became incorporated in 1916.

On June 10, 1917, Fr. John McLauglin, Pastor of St. Patrick's in Binghamton, assisted in the laying and blessing of the corner stone.


This is a picture of the original corner stone that was layed in the first church building on the corner of Odell Avenue and Witherill Street. The stone was removed from the building and donated to the church by Andy Mancini. The old building is now the site of Andrew R. Mancini Associates Inc.

Actual church article that appeared in the newspaper in 1916.

A meeting of the Italian residents of Union and Endicott was held on Friday evening in the basement of the St. Ambrose Church in Endicott to discuss the advisability of building a church for the recently formed parish of St. Anthony of Padua. The meeting was called by the Rev. J. V. Byrne, pastor of St. Ambrose's Church, and spiritual advisor pro tem of the Italians of Endicott and Union who number more than 700 at the present time.

The Italians have just recently formed a new parish and they wish to build their own church. Father Byrne is giving them all the aid he can. T. L. Lacy & Son of Binghamton have been requested to prepare a set of plans for the new church in order that the Italians may know the probable cost of a new church. A committee was appointed to prepare a set of plans for the new edifice. All seem to be very enthusiastic over the work and everything looks very bright now for a new church to be built soon in Endicott. April 20, 1916.

1914 (Time -Line) 2013

1914  North side Italian residents began a building fund collection.
Endicott-Johnson Corp. donated 3 lots at the corner of Witherill St. and Odell Ave.
1915  St. Anthony's Parish established.
1916  July -Rev. Rocco Macchiaverna named Pastor.
Fall of 1916 - Church construction began and parish incorporated (approximately 350 families).
Exelline Blouin appointed first organist; held position 50 years.
1917  June 10 - Laying and blessing of cornerstone by Fr. John McLaughlin.
1918  June 30 - Church completed (cost -$22.500).
September 18 -Church bell purchased by parishioners.
1919  St. Cosmas and Damian Society was formed.
1922  Addolorata Society and St. Anthony Club formed.
1931  Rev. William Walsh succeeded Fr. Macchiaverna as Pastor.
Twelve room parish rectory built at 125 Odell Ave. (cost -$17,000).
Blessed Virgin Mary Sodality was formed.
St. Sebastian Society was formed.
Holy Name Society was formed.
1932  Rev. Filomeno Geramia succeeded Fr. Walsh.
1933  Children of Mary Sodality was formed.
1934  St. Cosmas and Damian Federation was formed.
1938  February 15 - St. Anne's Society was formed.
1941  George F. Johnson donated land at 302 -306 Odell Ave. for construction of new and larger church.
Church construction began in May; cornerstone laid and blessed in September.
Third Order of St. Francis was formed.
1942  New church dedicated April 26 (cost -$100,000); seating capacity 675.
1943  Tabernacle and Blessed Sacrament stolen.
1945  January - The $12,000 mortgage paid in full.
First C.Y.O. in the area founded by Fr. Dacey.
Old St. Anthony's church converted into recreation center for the greater Endicott North Side youth.
Fire beneath the altar of Sacred Heart.
1946   Fr. Geremia purchased 17.25 acres of land known as St. Anthony's Woods on Buffalo St.
1948  Fr. Geremia retired and returned to Italy.
Fr. Carmen S. Monteleone assigned Pastor.
New Rectory built (cost -$72.178).
1960 St. Anthony's School Building Fund drive began. 11/2 acres of land on Jenkins St. purchased from Endicott-Johnson Corp.
1961 St. Anthony's School built (cost -$320,000).
1962 St. Anthony's School opened (grades 1 -4); 200 students. Each year thereafter, a grade added until grades 1 -8 were completed.
School staffed by Sisters of St. Joseph Corondelet who resided at former rectory.
1965 St. Anthony's Convent built (cost -$171,357).
1968 Parish Council started.
1970 St. Anthony's Parish became debt free.
1971 Fr. Monteleone retired and Fr. Vincent Mirabito became Pastor.
1972 Human Development Committee organized.
Kindergarten added to St. Anthony's school.
1973 St. Anthony's became an elementary school housing Kindergarten to fifth grade.
1975  Pre-school Nursery added to St. Anthony's school.
1976  Parish population approximately 1400 families.
1978  Communion from the Cup began.
1979  Pews rearranged allowing altar and lectern to be centrally located.
Tabernacle with Blessed Sacrament placed in chapel.
Mr. Dominic Rossi ordained a Deacon.
1984  Mrs. Dina Pazzaglini received Elizabeth Ann Seton Award for outstanding service to Catholic Schools.
Fr. Mirabito was re-assigned and Fr. John Putano became Pastor.
1986  Mary Bianco, St. Anthony's housekeeper, celebrated 25 years of service.
1987  Mr. Frank Longo ordained a Deacon.
1988  Mr. Joseph Fiacco designed and donated the fountain installed in front of church.
Parish "Endowment Fund" created.
St. Anne's Society celebrated 50 years.
Parish implemented funeral luncheon ministry.
1989  15 passenger van purchased for our parish.
1990  Purchased property at 300 Oak Hill Ave. for future parking (cost -$54,212).
75th Anniversary Committees established.
1991  Capital Fund Drive held for church renovations.
1992  January -Church renovations begin.
Celebrations begin marking the 75th Anniversary.
St. Anthony Feast Days reinstated.
December – Installed new Rogers organ
1996  July Fr. John Putano reassigned and Fr. Clarence F. Rumble appointed Pastor
1997 Began renovating the Convent for use as a religious education center.
1998 Purchased the Northside Pasta Company building (Cumbo’s grocery) and began renovation to become St. Anthony’s Outreach Center.
February – Dedicated the Fr. Monteleone Religious Education Center in what was the Covent.
1999 With the help of Kenyan Priests and Sisters, St. Anthony’s held a Swahili Mass with a dinner prepared by many African Sisters and volunteers.
2000 Andy Mancini and Assoc. renovate the front of the Outreach Center, and the main service area into a café, and in memory of his sister Judy Karle.  It becomes known as Judy’s Café and Outreach Center.
2001  November – Church interior repainted
Gene and Rose Birchard retire after 30 years of service to St. Anthony’s.
2001  September - St. Anthony Parish assumed responsibility for operating the parish Pre-School & Pre-K Programs
2002  June – St. Anthony’s School closed as an entity of Broome County Catholic
St. Anthony’s parish assumed control of the school building and began refurbishing to open the entire facility with full day pre-school and Pre-K programs and Before and after school and summer and vacation programs for all children ages 3 – 12.
2002  July – New sound system installed in church.
2004 July – New church bell system installed and previous one was rendered inoperable when the bell tower was struck by lightening.
August – Painted the Church Hall and created a pictorial history of the church.
November – Parish offices removed from the rectory and relocated to The Learning Center.
2007 January – Installed new carpet and pews.
August – Weekly Wednesday Eucharistic Adoration began.
2008 August – Fr. Clarence Rumble reassigned and Fr. James P. Serowik assigned Pastor.
2010 September – Parish Stewardship Committee initial meeting.
2011 March – Installed new computer network and rewired TLC East & West and replaced all computers.
2012 August - Installed new audio-visual system in the church hall.