Pastor's Note

This Monday is Memorial Day. It is a day for us to honor those who paid the ultimate price of their lives to ensure that our country is free. Let us take some time on this special holiday to say a prayer thanking God for their sacrifice.

Last Sunday we had our Manicotti making class with the seniors and youth of our parish. It was great to see so many people willing to teach our children this wonderful part of the parish culture and heritage. The kid’s enthusiasm was great, and it was super to see so many members of our parish willing to pass our traditions on to the next generation. The dinner was delicious and it was a true joy being there. A big THANK YOU to ANNEMARIE SKOJEC, our youth minister, MARY ANN DORNER, and EVERYONE who helped to make this event so successful.

Next Thursday we will officially kick-off our 100th Anniversary celebration with a special Evening Prayer Service at 7:00pm, which will be followed by a reception. An important part of this night will be the remembering of those who have gone before us in faith. If you would like to have your family name included, simply call or return the form in the bulletin to the parish office.

It is hard to believe that our Feast Days are less than two weeks away. We are still in of need people to volunteer to work and bake for our Café. Please sign up this weekend in the atrium. The Feast Days are so successful only because of the generosity of all members of our parish family. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Fr. Jim