Pastor's Note

 This weekend’s Readings from Sacred Scripture speak to us about forgiveness. The inability to forgive is one of the greatest tragedies in our world today. People are hurt by others and carry that hurt with them for many years. How many families are split up because someone gets hurt and is unable to forgive the person who hurt them? How many marriages are broken up because of the inability of one person to forgive another? Wrath and anger truly are hateful things as was mentioned in Sirach this weekend. Let us take some time this week to ask the Lord Jesus to help us to forgive those who have hurt us.

It is hard to believe that our 100th Anniversary Mass and Dinner-Dance are less than a month away. This is the last weekend we will be able to purchase tickets for the dinner dance at the McKinley. This promises to be a very special event and I would like to encourage ALL MEMBERS of our St. Anthony of Padua Parish Family to make your plans now to attend the special Mass and Dinner-Dance. Bishop Cunningham will be the celebrant and homilist at this special Mass. Did you notice that there is a candle burning near our Patron St. Anthony of Padua? It has been burning in memory of all members of our parish, living and deceased, during this special year.

 Last week I received a letter from Bishop Cunningham informing me that Deacon Bill Matts has been assigned to serve the Parish Communities of St. Anthony of Padua and St. Joseph. Deacon Bill is a gifted preacher and will be an asset to both parish families.



Fr. Jim