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 In this weekend’s First Reading from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah we see that the Lord wants to give “comfort to His people”. Isaiah is painting a picture of a God who is tender, compassionate and is concerned with the lives of His people. I firmly believe that our Lord Jesus wants to use us as He used the disciples in this weekend’s Gospel: to be instruments of His comfort and love. For us to be able to do that, we need to find this loving and comforting God in our own lives. Let us take some time this week and reflect upon this powerful thought, and ask the Lord to open our minds and hearts to experiencing our loving and comforting God.

I would like to welcome Fr. John Donovan to our St. Anthony of Padua Parish family this weekend. He will be speaking to us about Nazareth Farm as a part of the Diocesan Mission Co-op program. Fr. Donovan served here as a Parochial Vicar with Msgr. Putano. Please give him a warm welcome to our St. Anthony of Padua Parish family.

As we celebrate the Fourth of July this week, let us give thanks to God for the gift of freedom that has been entrusted to our country. Many times we take this privilege for granted, and forget about all those who fought so that we can experience this gift. As we celebrate our nation’s birthday, may we ask God to continue to bless our country with independence, and rededicate ourselves to working for the cause of freedom and justice for all people.

Fr. Jim




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