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 This Sunday’s Gospel Reading teaches us the prayer, Our Father. This prayer is so familiar to us and we recite it daily. Many times we don’t pause to think about the beauty of this simple devotion. How wonderful it is that we can actually call God “Our Father”. Our God is concerned about us as a father is concerned about his family. Our God wants to know us as a father knows his children. Our God provides for us as a father provides for his family. As life slows down during this summer season, let us take some time this week to reflect upon this great prayer that the Lord Jesus has given to us.

This Tuesday is the feast of Saints Joachim and Anne. These two saints are important to us because they are the parents of Mary, and the grandparents of Jesus. We have a special area of our church where the statue of St. Anne is displayed. In front of this statue are some candles that are lit by the many grandparents in our parish family who are concerned about their grandchildren. As we celebrate this great feast this week, let us ask Saints Joachim and Anne to intercede for all grandparents and grandchildren in our parish family.

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